Planning for Resilience and Emergency Preparedness

PREP is a new website at that offers you practical information on being ready for any emergency, from storms and power outages to earthquakes.

PREP encourages preparedness for families, households and immediate neighborhoods, since emergency services may be overwhelmed and unable to respond promptly after a major disaster. Experience shows that “while official help is useful…it is the personal ties among members of a community that determine survival during a disaster, and recovery in its aftermath.” ( “The Key to Disaster Survival? Friends and Neighbors”)

At the heart of PREP are four steps to readiness:
1. Get Prepared: What to know, what to have on hand
2. Get Prepared with Your Neighbors: How to help your neighbors get ready
3. Get Organized: Make a plan with your neighbors for helping each other after a disaster
4. Get Confident: Learn new skills by practicing together

PREP emphasizes readiness for earthquakes and tsunamis, because if you’re ready for an earthquake you’re pretty much ready for anything. The next megaquake from the Cascadia Subduction Zone could happen anytime and will likely leave the Portland area without utilities, food and fuel deliveries, and other services for a week to a month or longer. Travel and communication may be difficult or impossible for a time.

Here’s the good news:
Earthquakes are the most survivable of major disasters, especially when you know how to stay safe in one.
Experience shows that disasters tend to bring out the best in people.
By working together to gather resources and share skills, we’re making our communities stronger and more resilient. And that’s a good thing, disaster or not.
The PREP website contains printable checklists plus links to more information. If you can’t print copies for your use or to share with neighbors, you can pick up preparedness handouts and a host kit at your neighborhood district coalition office.

The website also includes a calendar of events and information on setting your household up for longer-term resilience.

PREP has been developed by a group of volunteer first responders and members of community groups, in particular Transition PDX. Other collaborating partners include
Portland Bureau of Emergency Management
Portland Fire and Rescue
Multnomah County Emergency Management
Portland’s neighborhood district offices
For more information, visit or email

N/NE Quadrant and I-5 Broadway/Weidler Facility Plans at City Council Thursday

Last month, after holding a public hearing and work session, the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission voted to recommend that the City Council adopt the N/NE Quadrant Plan, a long-range plan for the Lower Albina and Lloyd Districts of the Central City, and the I-5 Broadway/Weidler Faciltiy Plan, a concept plan for freeway and local street improvements in the vicinity of the Broadway/Weidler interchange. The public is invited to testify about the plans at an upcoming City Council hearing.
Public Hearing – Testimony Welcome
N/NE Quadrant and I-5 Broadway-Weidler Plans
Portland City Council
Thursday, October 25, 2012
2 p.m.
Council Chambers (City Hall, 2nd Floor)
1221 SW Fourth Avenue
Download Project Documents
Interactive Map
View the map to see how your property could be affected by proposed changes to zoning and maximum building height regulations.
More About the N/NE Quadrant and I-5 Broadway/Weidler Plans
The N/NE Quadrant and I-5 Broadway/Weidler Plans (N/NE Quadrant Project) is a collaborative effort by the City of Portland and Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to provide detailed planning for the Lower Albina and Lloyd District areas. It is part of Central City 2035, the City of Portland’s effort to update the 1988 Central City Plan. Working jointly with ODOT, this project also addresses safety and operations issues on the I-5 Freeway and the local transportation system near the Broadway/Weidler Interchange.

N/NE Quadrant Plan
The N/NE Quadrant Plan is a land use, urban design and local transportation plan that will help direct and manage growth for the Lloyd District and Lower Albina over the next 25 years. The plan focuses on preserving the industrial and employment character of Lower Albina and concentrating high-density development in the Lloyd District, with a focus on new residential development and providing amenities needed for a livable and vibrant community. Providing sensitive transitions to historic neighborhoods and protecting the remaining cultural resources in the area is also a key theme of the plan.
I-5 Broadway/Weidler Facility Plan
The I-5 Broadway/Weidler Facility Plan contains a planning-level concept for improvements that address longstanding safety and operations issues on and around Interstate 5 and the Broadway/Weidler interchange. The recommended improvements would add auxiliary lanes and full-width shoulders (within existing right-of-way) to reduce dangerous traffic weaves and allow disabled vehicles to move out of traffic lanes, reducing crashes by an estimated 30 to 50 percent. The freeway improvements also provide an opportunity to improve the urban environment and conditions for pedestrian and bicycle travel in the interchange area. The plan proposes to rebuild overpasses with lids over the freeway that could be used for development or open space, new connections over the freeway, and additional and safer pedestrian and bicycle facilities in the area. The I-5 Broadway/Weidler Facility Plan is scheduled to be presented to the Oregon Transportation Commission in December.
For more information about the N/NE Quadrant Project:
  • Visit the project website at
  • Call Karl Lisle at 503-823-4286 or Stephanie Beckman at 503-823-6042 regarding the N/NE Quadrant Plan.
  • Call Todd Juhasz, ODOT, at 503-731-4753 regarding the I-5 Broadway/Weidler Facility Plan.


NECN Board of Directors meeting agenda

The NECN Board of Directors October meeting is Tuesday, October 16th. The board meets at the NECN office, 4815 NE 7th Ave. from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. The meeting is open to the public.

Click here to download the draft agenda.

At the meeting, the Board will hear updates on the State of the Organization including recent work on Energize NE,  Community Committee reports and will consider ballot measure #26-146 entitled Arts Education and Access Fund.

Sabin Autumn Community Meeting with Portland Playhouse

Sabin Autumn Community Meeting

Monday, 15 October at Sabin School, 4013 NE 18th Ave, in the auditorium upstairs.

6:30–plant exchange outdoors;
6:30–Portland Playhouse tabling upstairs;
7:00 business meeting;
7:30-8:30 Portland Playhouse presentation.

Free childcare provided onsite.

You don’t want to miss this!

Portland Playhouse is our highly acclaimed new neighbor at 602 NE Prescott. A small professional theatre company dedicated to artistic excellence and audience engagement, Portland Playhouse produces five plays per year, including one world premiere and one commissioned work.

The Playhouse erupted onto the cultural landscape in 2008 with three critically acclaimed productions. The following year, their production of August Wilson’s Radio Golf ignited a citywide debate about gentrification of Portland’s Northeast neighborhoods. The Oregonian published a six-page story about the sold out run. The Playhouse premiere of Hunt Holman’s Willow Jade won the Portland Area Best New Play, and last year’s season garnered several Drammy Awards for outstanding performances. Portland Monthly declared Portland Playhouse the best theatre in Portland.

Here’s what they say about themselves, “Our vision at Portland Playhouse is the illumination of the human heart. We believe art can crack open barricades built with ignorance and self-delusion. We wish to confront ourselves and challenge our audience to do the same. To accomplish this we must constantly reinvent ourselves and our means of story telling and art making.”

Regulars at the playhouse will come to the SCA general meeting to give us a sneak peak at the good things in store for us this year at our neighborhood theater, both the plays and their outreach to the community. Come see a preview of the new season and check it out at

Mission statement:

“Portland Playhouse is dedicated to producing quality, intimate, performances in which the interaction between artists and audience is paramount. We hold theatre to be a space in which people of all social, economic, racial, sexual and political backgrounds can come together to celebrate the complexity of our shared human experience.”

Learn more about the Sabin Community Association at