From The Director’s Desk


We all like to start a new year out by making resolutions: go to the gym, cut out carbs, drink less alcohol. This year, I made a resolution to stop making resolutions. Instead, I want to spend the first part of the year reflecting on the past year, thinking about lessons learned, and how they can be applied to this year.

Although for many 2017 was a difficult year – rife with political turmoil and widespread social movements- it was a year that also shattered complacency and forced all of us to be willing to take stock of ourselves and to not take any of our many blessings for granted. We realized that to be a good citizen requires action.

Here at NECN, we are focused on making 2018 a year of continued action and positive engagement. We are about to publish the fifth edition of our free community newspaper, Hey Neighbor!, and we will soon announce the recipients of our annual community grants program, which will distribute over $12,000 to community-driven non-profits for programs that strengthen and enrich our communities. We’re also excited to continue our Clean Start PDX initiative, a boots-on-the-ground program we launched last year along with community partners to address livability issues surrounding the crisis of houselessness in our district. Every day, we are here at the NECN offices as a resource for anyone in the community to increase their civic engagement, create partnerships, find resources and to get involved with other like-minded individuals and organizations.  

If you want to get involved but you’re not sure where to start, give us a call or just come by our offices. Our doors are always open to the community.

Happy New Year.

Adam Lyons
Executive Director, NECN

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