Neighborhood Associations

There are 95 Neighborhood Associations in the City of Portland, and the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods serves 12 inner North/Northeast Portland neighborhoods. Neighborhoods meet on a monthly basis (with some exceptions) as listed below.

NECN Area Neighborhood Association Meetings at a Glance: Click on the neighborhood name in order to learn more about specific meeting dates, times and locations.

Week/Day of the Month Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
1st week Woodlawn
2nd Week Boise,
Eliot, Sabin
Sullivan’s Gulch,
Grant Park,
3rd Week
4th week Alameda

Neighborhood Associations are an autonomous organization formed by people for the purpose of considering and acting on issues affecting the livability and quality of their Neighborhood, formally recognized by the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, and subject to the Standards for Neighborhood System. Read more on the ONI website.

NECN map


View and download additional maps at the ONI maps page.