What Neighborhood do you live in?

Here’s how you find out:
Step 1: Visit the site
Step 2: Type in your address in the search bar
Step 3: Under property information, “Neighborhood” appears – that’s YOUR neighborhood!
Step 4: Curious for more? Click around and find more info about your property, or other places nearby

Neighborhood Associations

There are 95 neighborhood associations in the City of Portland; the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods is home to 11 inner North/Northeast Portland neighborhoods.

Neighborhood associations are volunteer-run organizations that consider and act on a broad range of issues affecting life in their neighborhoods. All neighborhood residents are encouraged to participate in their neighborhood associations by attending meetings, bringing up issues and concerns for discussion, planning events and projects, and volunteering.

In Portland, neighborhood associations are formally recognized by the City’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI), and governed by ONI’s Standards for Neighborhood Associations.

NECN Neighborhood Association Meetings

Neighborhood associations meet on a monthly basis (with some exceptions), as listed below. Click on the neighborhood name for details about meeting dates, times and locations.

week/day of the month Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
1st week of month      
2nd week of month
3rd week of month        
4th week of month      


View and download additional maps at the ONI maps page.