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Contact: boisena[at]; Boise Neighborhood Association, c/o Kay Newell, 3901 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227
BNA bylaws: Revised 2012


Meetings are held at the Q Center, 4115 N Mississippi Ave.

Board Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month, 7pm
Elections: June Board Meeting

2014 BNA agendas and minutes

06/23/14: Land Use Agenda
06/19/14: Minutes, Agenda

05/12/14: Minutes, Agenda

04/28/14: Land Use Agenda
04/14/14: AgendaMinutes

03/24/14: Land Use Meeting Cancellation
03/10/14: Minutes, Agenda

02/24/14: Land Use Minutes
02/10/14: Agenda

01/27/14: Land Use Minutes, Agenda
01/13/14: Minutes, Agenda

Past years' BNA agendas and minutes

2013 BNA agendas and minutes

12/09/13: No Board or Land Use Meetings

11/25/13: Land Use Minutes
11/11/13: Minutes, Agenda

10/28/13: Land Use Minutes, Land Use Agenda
10/14/13: Minutes, Agenda

09/23/13: Land Use Minutes, Land Use Agenda
09/09/13: Minutes, Agenda

August: No meeting

07/22/13: Land Use Minutes
07/08/13: Minutes, Agenda

06/24/13: Land Use Minutes, Agenda
06/10/13: Minutes, Agenda

05/28/13: Land Use Agenda
05/13/13: Minutes, Agenda

04/22/13: Land Use Minutes, Land Use Agenda
04/08/13: Minutes, Agenda

03/18/13: Land Use Agenda
03/11/13: Agenda

02/25/13: Land Use Agenda
02/11/13: Agenda

01/14/13: Agenda

2012 BNA agendas and minutes

12/10/12: Agenda

11/26/12: Land Use Agenda
11/12/12: Minutes, Agenda

10/08/12: Minutes, Agenda

09/24/12: Land Use Agenda
09/17/12: Land Use Agenda, Land Use Cancellation Notice
09/10/12: Minutes, Agenda

08/27/12: Land Use Agenda

07/30/12: Land Use Agenda
07/09/12: Minutes, Agenda

06/25/12: Land Use Agenda

05/29/12: Land Use Minutes, Land Use Agenda
05/14/12: Minutes, Agenda

04/30/12: Land Use Agenda
04/08/12: Agenda

03/26/12: Land Use Agenda
03/12/12: Minutes, Board Minutes, Agenda

02/27/12: Land Use Agenda
02/21/12: Land Use Agenda
02/13/12: Agenda
02/12/12: Land Use Minutes
02/06/12: Board Minutes, Board Agenda

01/31/12: Land Use Minutes
01/09/12: Minutes, Agenda

2011 BNA agendas and minutes

12/12/11: Minutes, Agenda

11/14/11: Minutes, Board Minutes

10/10/11: Minutes, Board Minutes, Agenda

09/12/11: Minutes, Board Minutes

08/08/11: Minutes

07/11/11: Minutes

06/13/11: Minutes

05/09/11: Minutes

04/11/11: Minutes

03/14/11: Minutes

02/14/11: Minutes

01/12/11: Minutes

2009-2010 BNA agendas and minutes

12/13/10: Agenda

03/09/09: Minutes

02/09/09: Minutes

01/26/09: Minutes


Chair Ted Buehler boisena[at]
Vice Chair Ed Shiang
Secretary Katy Wolf  katyewolf[at]
Treasurer Karis Stouadamire
Land Use Chair Stephen Gomez boiselanduse[at]
Land-Use Co-Chair Diana Moosman
Communications Chair Katy Wolf katyewolf[at]
Safety and Livability Chair Katy Wolf katyewolf[at]
NECN Representative #1
Lupin Morgan
NECN Representative #2
At Large Board Member
Chris Davies
At Large Board Member
Noah Lauerman
At Large Board Member Sarah Catine
Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives Representative Jessie Blanchard

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