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Contact: boisena[at]; Boise Neighborhood Association, c/o Kay Newell, 3901 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227
BNA bylaws: Revised 2012


Meetings are held at the Q Center, 4115 N Mississippi Ave.

Board Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month, 7pm
Elections: June Board Meeting
We will continue to collect and store minutes sent to us by neighborhoods, however NECN is not currently posting minutes to our website beyond those posted here. To access minutes from this neighborhood association, please contact

2014 BNA agendas and minutes

06/23/14: Land Use Agenda
06/19/14: Minutes, Agenda

05/12/14: Minutes, Agenda

04/28/14: Land Use Agenda
04/14/14: AgendaMinutes

03/24/14: Land Use Meeting Cancellation
03/10/14: Minutes, Agenda

02/24/14: Land Use Minutes
02/10/14: Agenda

01/27/14: Land Use Minutes, Agenda
01/13/14: Minutes, Agenda

Past years' BNA agendas and minutes

2013 BNA agendas and minutes

12/09/13: No Board or Land Use Meetings

11/25/13: Land Use Minutes
11/11/13: Minutes, Agenda

10/28/13: Land Use Minutes, Land Use Agenda
10/14/13: Minutes, Agenda

09/23/13: Land Use Minutes, Land Use Agenda
09/09/13: Minutes, Agenda

August: No meeting

07/22/13: Land Use Minutes
07/08/13: Minutes, Agenda

06/24/13: Land Use Minutes, Agenda
06/10/13: Minutes, Agenda

05/28/13: Land Use Agenda
05/13/13: Minutes, Agenda

04/22/13: Land Use Minutes, Land Use Agenda
04/08/13: Minutes, Agenda

03/18/13: Land Use Agenda
03/11/13: Agenda

02/25/13: Land Use Agenda
02/11/13: Agenda

01/14/13: Agenda

2012 BNA agendas and minutes

12/10/12: Agenda

11/26/12: Land Use Agenda
11/12/12: Minutes, Agenda

10/08/12: Minutes, Agenda

09/24/12: Land Use Agenda
09/17/12: Land Use Agenda, Land Use Cancellation Notice
09/10/12: Minutes, Agenda

08/27/12: Land Use Agenda

07/30/12: Land Use Agenda
07/09/12: Minutes, Agenda

06/25/12: Land Use Agenda

05/29/12: Land Use Minutes, Land Use Agenda
05/14/12: Minutes, Agenda

04/30/12: Land Use Agenda
04/08/12: Agenda

03/26/12: Land Use Agenda
03/12/12: Minutes, Board Minutes, Agenda

02/27/12: Land Use Agenda
02/21/12: Land Use Agenda
02/13/12: Agenda
02/12/12: Land Use Minutes
02/06/12: Board Minutes, Board Agenda

01/31/12: Land Use Minutes
01/09/12: Minutes, Agenda

2011 BNA agendas and minutes

12/12/11: Minutes, Agenda

11/14/11: Minutes, Board Minutes

10/10/11: Minutes, Board Minutes, Agenda

09/12/11: Minutes, Board Minutes

08/08/11: Minutes

07/11/11: Minutes

06/13/11: Minutes

05/09/11: Minutes

04/11/11: Minutes

03/14/11: Minutes

02/14/11: Minutes

01/12/11: Minutes

2009-2010 BNA agendas and minutes

12/13/10: Agenda

03/09/09: Minutes

02/09/09: Minutes

01/26/09: Minutes


Chair Ted Buehler boisena[at]
Vice Chair Ed Shiang
Secretary Katy Wolf  katyewolf[at]
Treasurer Karis Stouadamire
Land Use Chair Stephen Gomez boiselanduse[at]
Land-Use Co-Chair Diana Moosman
Communications Chair Katy Wolf katyewolf[at]
Safety and Livability Chair Katy Wolf katyewolf[at]
NECN Representative #1
NECN Representative #2
At Large Board Member
Chris Davies
At Large Board Member
Noah Lauerman
At Large Board Member Sarah Catine
Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives Representative Jessie Blanchard

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