Concordia Neighborhood Association online: Website
Contact: concordia[at]; Concordia Neighborhood Association, PO Box 11194, Portland, OR 97211
CNA bylaws: Revised 2012


All meetings held in the Community Room at McMenamin’s Kennedy School, 5736 NE 33rd Ave

Board Meetings: 7pm, 2nd Tuesday of the month
General Membership Meetings: Held in odd-numbered months: July, September, November, January, March, May. Check for dates and times
Land Use and Livability Committee: 7:15pm, 3rd Tuesday of each month
Elections: November General Membership Meeting

2014 CNA agendas and minutes

04/08/14: Agenda

Past years' CNA agendas and minutes

2013 CNA agendas and minutes

2012 CNA agendas and minutes

2011 CNA agendas and minutes

2009-2010 CNA agendas and minutes

08/10/10: Board Minutes

04/13/10: Board Minutes

02/09/10: Board Minutes

12/08/09: Board Minutes

05/12/09: Board Minutes

04/14/09: Board Minutes

03/10/09: Board Minutes

Board Executive Committee
Chair Daniel Greenstadt concordia[at] 619-889-9736
Vice-Chair Isaac Quintero
Secretary Tracy Braden
Treasurer Robert Bowles
Executive Committee At-Large Member Bob Martinek
Geographical Representatives
East 1 Steve Elder
East 2 Mark Charlesworth
NW 1 Isham “Ike” Harris
NW 2 Katie Ugolini
SW 1 Luke Griffin
SW 2 Bill Leissner
At-large Board Members
At-large 1 Robert Bowles
At-large 2 Esther Lerman Freeman
At-large 3 Bob Martinek
At-large 4 Issac Quintero
At-large 5 VACANT
At-large 6 Truls Neal
At-large 7 Tracy Braden
NECN Representatives
NECN Rep 1 Katie Ugolini
NECN Rep 2 Jaime McGeathy

Committee Chairs and Other Positions
Land Use Chair - Garlynn Woodsong, garlynn[at]
Safety and Livability Chair – Vacant— for questions, email contactcnaboard[at]
Webmaster – VACANT (contact concordianaboard[at]
CNews Editor – Mary Wiley, mary.wiley[at]
Media Team Chair – Vacant— for questions, email contactcnaboard[at]
Friends of Fernhill - Robin Johnson
Tree Team – Dove Hotz
Social Committee - Katie Ugolini
Finance Committee – Robert Bowles
Nominating Committee – Vacant— for questions, email contactcnaboard[at]
Policies & Procedures – Katie Ugolini
Roles & Responsibilities – Vacant
Yard Sale Coordinator – Donna Carrier
Community Room Coordinator (Interim) – Luke Griffin
Business Manager – Mary Wiley
Bookkeeper – Jeanette Eggert

Concordia map