Concordia Neighborhood Association

Concordia Neighborhood Association meetings meetings are open to all. Meetings are held in the Community Room at McMenamin’s Kennedy School location, 5736 NE 33rd Ave.

General Membership Meetings: Concordia hosts general membership meetings at 7PM in the Community Room at McMenamin’s Kennedy School location on odd-numbered months: July, September, November, January, March, May.
See for general meeting dates.

Board Meetings: The CNA Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7PM in the Community Room at McMenamin’s Kennedy School location, 5736 NE 33rd Ave.

Land Use and Livability Meeting: Third Tuesday of each month from 7:15 – 8:15PM.

Elections: First Tuesday of November
Concordia Neighborhood Association bylaws, revised 2012.
For additional information about Concordia, please see

All Correspondence to: PO Box 11194, Portland, OR 97211 or email Concordia[at]

Board Executive Committee
Chair Daniel Greenstadt concordia[at] 619-889-9736
Vice-Chair Isaac Quintero
Secretary Tracy Braden
Treasurer Robert Bowles
Executive Committee At-Large Member Bob Martinek
Geographical Representatives
East 1 Steve Elder
East 2 Mark Charlesworth
NW 1 Isham “Ike” Harris
NW 2 Katie Ugolini
SW 1 Luke Griffin
SW 2 Bill Leissner
At-large Board Members
At-large 1 Robert Bowles
At-large 2 Esther Lerman Freeman
At-large 3 Bob Martinek
At-large 4 Issac Quintero
At-large 5 VACANT
At-large 6 Truls Neal
At-large 7 Tracy Braden
NECN Representatives
NECN Rep 1 Katie Ugolini
NECN Rep 2 Jaime McGeathy

Committee Chairs and Other Positions
Land Use Chair - Garlynn Woodsong, garlynn[at]
Safety and Livability Chair – Vacant— for questions, email contactcnaboard[at]
Webmaster – VACANT (contact concordianaboard[at]
CNews Editor – Mary Wiley, mary.wiley[at]
Media Team Chair – Vacant— for questions, email contactcnaboard[at]
Friends of Fernhill - Robin Johnson
Tree Team – Dove Hotz
Social Committee - Katie Ugolini
Finance Committee – Robert Bowles
Nominating Committee – Vacant— for questions, email contactcnaboard[at]
Policies & Procedures – Katie Ugolini
Roles & Responsibilities – Vacant
Yard Sale Coordinator – Donna Carrier
Community Room Coordinator (Interim) – Luke Griffin
Business Manager – Mary Wiley
Bookkeeper – Jeanette Eggert

Concordia Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes
January Minutes Agenda
February Minutes
March Board Minutes,
General Minutes
April Minutes Agenda
May General Minutes Board Agenda,
General Agenda
June Minutes Agenda
July Minutes
August Minutes Agenda
October Agenda
January 10 Minutes Agenda
February 7 Minutes Agenda
March 13 Minutes Agenda
April 10 Minutes Agenda
May 8 Minutes Agenda
June 5 Minutes not available Agenda
June 12 Minutes Agenda
July 10 Minutes Agenda
August 14 Minutes not available Agenda
September 11 Minutes Agenda
October 2 Minutes
October 9 Minutes Agenda
November Board Minutes;
Annual Meeting Minutes
December 11 Minutes Agenda
January 11 Board Minutes
February 7 Agenda
February 8 Board Minutes
March 8 Board Minutes
March 13 Agenda
April 5 General Meeting Minutes
April 12 Board Minutes
May 3 General Meeting Minutes
May 10 Board Minutes
June 7 General Meeting Minutes
June 14 Board Minutes
July No Meetings
August Minutes not yet available
September 13 Board Minutes
October 4 Draft General Minutes
October 11 Draft Board Minutes
November 8 General Meeting Minutes, Agenda
November 11 Board Meeting Minutes
December 12 Board Meeting Minutes
February 9, 2010 Board Minutes
April 6, 2010 General Meeting Minutes
April 13, 2010 Board Minutes
August 10, 2010 Board Minutes
March 10, 2009 Minutes
April 14, 2009 Minutes
May 12, 2009 Minutes
December 8, 2009 Minutes

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