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Contact: eliot[at]necoalition.org
ENA bylaws: Revised 2013


Meetings are held at Emanuel Hospital Medical Office Building, West Conference Room, 501 N. Graham St.

Board Meetings: 6:30pm, 3rd Monday of the month
Land Use Committee Meetings: 6:30pm, 2nd Monday of the month
Elections: October Board Meeting
We will continue to collect and store minutes sent to us by neighborhoods, however NECN is not currently posting minutes to our website beyond those posted here. To access minutes from this neighborhood association, please contact eliot@necoalition.org.

2014 ENA agendas and minutes

04/14/14: Minutes
Board Minutes
01/13/14: Board Agenda, Minutes

Past years' ENA agendas and minutes

2013 ENA agendas and minutes

2012 ENA agendas and minutes

2011 ENA agendas and minutes

2010 ENA agendas and minutes

12/13/10: Board Minutes

11/08/10: Board Minutes

10/11/10: Board Minutes

09/13/10: Board Minutes

07/12/10: Board Minutes

06/14/10: Board Minutes

05/10/10: Board Minutes

04/12/10: Membership Meeting Minutes

03/08/10: Board Minutes

02/08/10: Board Minutes

01/11/10: Board Minutes

2009 ENA agendas and minutes

12/14/09: Board Minutes

11/09/09: Board Minutes

10/12/09: Membership Meeting Minutes

09/14/09: Board Minutes

07/13/09: Board Minutes

06/08/09: Board Minutes

05/11/09: Board Minutes

04/13/09: Membership Meeting Minutes

03/09/09: Board Minutes

02/09/09: Board Minutes

01/12/09: Board Minutes

Board Officers
Chair Angela Kremer 503-284-9136 eliot[at]necoalition.org
Vice-Chair vacant
Treasurer Annie Rudwick
Recorder Kristin Yates
Newsletter Susan Stringer sstringer22[at]gmail.com
Additional Positions
Land Use Chair Allan Rudwick arudwick[at]gmail.com
Land Use Co-Chair Mike Warwick mike.warwick[at]pnl.gov
NECN Representative Joan Ivan
NECN Representative Paul van Orden
At-Large Directors
Allan Rudwick Becca Pollard Clint Lundmark
Jeri Bee (Stein) Jim Hlava Joan Ivan
Joe Entler Pamela Weatherspoon Patricia Montgomery
Rose St John

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