Grant Park

Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Meetings are open to the public and begin at 7:00pm.

Location:  Grant Park Church, 2728 NE 34th Avenue (at Knott)

Meeting Dates:  First Tuesday of the following months:
2013-14 General Meetings:  October 8 2013, April 8, 2014
2013-14 Board Meetings:  September 10, 2013; December 10, 2013; March 11, 2014; June 10, 2014

Grant Park Neighborhood Association bylaws, revised 2012.

Visit the Grant Park Neighborhood Association Website for more information:
Correspondence to: Ron Laster, Co-Vice President, 2603 NE Cesar E Chavez Blvd, Portland, OR 97212 or grantpark[at]

Grant Park map

Board Members
, Currently vacant
Co-Vice President, Brian Cefola, grantpark[at]
Co-Vice President, Ron Laster, grantpark[at]
Secretary, Mary Cal Hanson
Treasurer, KC Davenport
Communications, Brian Cefola
Land Use Representative, Ken Peterson
Member At-large, Stephanie Henstead
Member At-large, Justin de Ruyter
Member At-large, Ken Peterson
Representatives to the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods Board of Directors:
Brian Cefola and John Prell

Grant Park Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

January No Meeting
February Board Minutes,
General Minutes
March No Meeting
April Board Agenda,
General Agenda
May No Meeting
June Board Minutes,
General Minutes
Board Agenda,
General Agenda
July No Meeting
August No Meeting
September Minutes
October Agenda
December Agenda


February Minutes
March Minutes Agenda
March Minutes
April Minutes
May Minutes Agenda
June Minutes
July Minutes Agenda
August Minutes
September Minutes,
Special Mtg Minutes
October Minutes
November No Meeting
December Board Minutes,
General Minutes
Board Agenda,
General Agenda


January 4 Minutes
February 8 Minutes Agenda
March 8 Minutes
April No meeting this month
May 3 Minutes
July 26 Minutes
August 30 Minutes
September No meeting this month
October 4 Minutes
November Minutes
December 6 Agenda, Minutes


January 5, 2010 Minutes
February 23, 2010 Minutes
March 30, 2010 Minutes
May 4, 2010 Minutes
August 24, 2010 Minutes
October 5, 2010 Minutes
November 2, 2010 Minutes
December 7, 2010 Minutes
January 6, 2009 Minutes
February 24, 2009 Minutes
March 17, 2009 Minutes
April 28, 2009 Minutes
May 19, 2009 Minutes not available
August 25, 2009 Minutes
September 9, 2009 Minutes
October 6, 2009 Minutes
November 3, 2009 Minutes
December 1, 2009 Minutes
Grant Park Neighborhood keeps an archive of meeting minutes from 2005 onward on their website at: