Neighborhood Meetings: Humboldt meetings are open to everyone, 7:00 PM, 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Location: The front space of PCC Cascade’s Paragon Building, 815 N. Killingsworth St.

Elections: May General Meeting

Humboldt Neighborhood Association bylaws, revised 2011.

Send Correspondence to:  to Humboldt Neighborhood Association, c/o NECN, 4815 NE 7th Avenue, Portland, OR 97211

or by email to  Chair, Paul Anthony at Humboldt[at]

Visit for updates on HNA Activities.

Humboldt map

Board Members
Chair Paul Anthony paul[at],
Treasurer Brian Murtagh bmurtagh[at],
Secretary Vacant
Communications Secretary Vacant
Parliamentarian Vacant
Historian Clifford Walker
Land Use Brian Murtagh
At-Large Position #1 vacant
At-Large Position #2 vacant
At-Large Position #3 Emily Wilson mlemily[at]
At-Large Position #4 Isa Dean isad[at]
At-Large Position #5 Michael Salmond (Clean-ups)  msal989046[at]
Humboldt Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes
January Agenda
March Agenda
January  No Minutes Agenda
February  No Minutes Agenda
March  No Minutes Agenda
April  Minutes Agenda
May  Minutes Agenda
June  Minutes Agenda
July Agenda
September Meeting Cancelled
October Minutes Agenda
November Agenda
December Agenda
January 10 Minutes Agenda
February 14 Minutes Agenda
March 13 Minutes Agenda
April 10 Minutes Agenda
May 8 Minutes Agenda
June 12 Agenda
July 10 Agenda
August No Meeting
September 11 Agenda
September 21 Emergency Mtg. Minutes
October 9 No Minutes Agenda
November 15 No Minutes Agenda
December 11 No Minutes Agenda
January 11 Minutes
February 8 Draft Minutes
March 8 Minutes
April 12 Minutes  Agenda
May 10 Minutes Agenda
June 14 Minutes Agenda
July 12 Minutes not yet available Agenda
August 9 Minutes Agenda
September 13 Minutes not available Agenda
October 11 Minutes Agenda
November 11 Minutes
December 13 Minutes Agenda
July 13 Minutes
September 14 Minutes
October 14 Minutes
November 9 Minutes
December 14 Minutes not available Agenda
February 10 Minutes
May 12 Minutes
June 22 Agenda
September 8 Minutes Agenda
October 23 Minutes