Irvington Community Association online: Website
Contact: Irvington Community Association, P.O. Box 12102, Portland, OR 97212; irvington[at]
ICA Bylaws: Revised 1995


All meetings are held at Irvington K-8 School, 1320 NE Brazee St.

Board Meetings: 2nd Thursdays, September through June, 7pm
General Membership Meeting: 2nd Thursday of June, 7pm
Elections: June Membership Meeting
We will continue to collect and store minutes sent to us by neighborhoods, however NECN is not currently posting minutes to our website beyond those posted here. To access minutes from this neighborhood association, please contact

ICA agendas and minutes
Irvington Community Association Meeting Minutes NOTE: Some links below will take you to the Irvington Community Association website.
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January 14, 2010 Minutes
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January 8, 2009 Minutes
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June 11, 2009 Minutes
September 10, 2009 Minutes
October 8, 2009 Minutes
November 12, 2009 Minutes
December 12, 2009 Minutes
Irvington Community Association keeps an archive of meeting minutes from 2004 onward on their website at:


Steve Cole: 503-788-0618, stevencole86[at]

Vice President
William Archer: 503-287-3804, archerwilliam26[at]

Jeff Jones: 503-281-1023, jcjones[at]

Emily Weltman: 503-680-2840, weltman[at]

Jason Messer: 503-312-4175, j.messer[at]
William Archer: 503-287-3804, archerwilliam26[at]

Charitable Giving
Susan Hathaway-Marxer: 503-281-5629, susan.marxer[at]

Historic Preservation
Barb Christopher: 503-227-2672, barbfc[at]
William Archer: 503-287-3804, archerwilliam26[at]

Home Tour
Kim Bissell: kim_bissell[at]
Pam Lindholm Levy: 502-460-3100, pamlarrylevy[at]

Land Use & Transportation
Dean Gisvold: 503-284-3885, deang[at]

Jeff Jones: 503-281-1023, jcjones[at]
Jason Messer: 503-312-4174, j.messer[at]

Peter O’Neil: 503-471-3402, peteroneil[at]

Website Development
Brian Schaeperkoetter: 206-228-6428, brianschaeperkoetter[at]
Barb Christopher: 503-227-2672, barbfc[at]

Irvington School Rep
Nathan Corser: 503-493-0671, nathan.corser[at]

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods Reps
Currently vacant

Newsletter Advertising/Editor
Emily Weltman

Jim Barta: 503-544-2429, jbarta[at]
Beverly Burn: beverlyburn[at}
Nathan Christensen: 503-727-2172, nchristensen[at]
Barbara Christopher: 503-227-2672, barbfc[at]
Christine Coers-Mitchell: 503-335-1476, coers[at]
Nathan Corser, 503-493-0671: nathan.corser[a]
Dean Gisvold, 503-284-3885: deang[at]
Susan Hathaway-Marxer: 503-281-5629, susan.marxer[at]
Kysa Kelleher: 503-320-8847, kalport[at]
Pam Lindholm: 502-460-3100, pamlarrylevy[at]
Michela McMahon: 503-287-6196, michela_mcmahon[at]
Thomas Mertes: 310-990-9786, tmertesp[at]
Jason Messer: 503-312-4175, j.messer[at]
Peter O’Neil: 503-471-3402 peteroneil[at]
Brian Schaeperkoetter: 503-228-6428,
Tiffanie Shakespeare: 415-644-8658, tshakesp[at]
Aaron Stuckey: 503-778-5296,

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