General and Board meetings take place on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm at the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods in the King Neighborhood Facility, 4815 NE 7th Ave. All neighbors are invited and welcome to join!

Childcare is provided if requested 24 hours in advance by email at

General meetings take place in: January, February, April, May, July, August, October, and November.
Board meetings take place in: March, June, September, and December. Note: All board meetings are open to the public.
Board elections: May
For additional information, visit the King Neighborhood website at:

King Neighborhood Association bylaws, revised 2009.

Mail correspondence to: King Neighborhood c/o 4815 NE 7th Ave, 97211 or via email at:

King map

Board Members
Chair Alan Silver
Co-chair Irek Wielgosz
Secretary Margo Dobbertin
Treasurer currently vacant
NECN Representative #1 David Lomax
NECN Representative #2 currently vacant
At Large #1 Tia Factor
At Large #2 currently vacant
At Large #3 Jeff Scott
At Large #4 Diego Gioseffi
At Large #5 Teri Phillips

Communications Committee – Alan Silver and Margo Dobbertin, communications[at]

Land Use Committee Chair – Andrew Clarke – 503.863.7780

Soil to Soul Food Security Committee – Alan Silver, alan.silver[at]

King School Backpack Lunch Program – Alan Silver, alan.silver[at]

King Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes
NOTE: Links below may take you to the King Neighborhood Association website.
January Agenda
March Agenda
January Minutes Agenda
February Minutes Agenda
March Minutes Agenda
April Minutes
May Minutes
June Minutes
July Agenda
November Agenda
December Agenda
January 11 Minutes Agenda
February 8 Minutes Agenda
March 14 Minutes Agenda
April 11 Minutes Agenda
May 9 Minutes Agenda
June 13 Minutes Agenda
July No meeting
August 8 Minutes Agenda
September 12 Minutes Agenda
October 10 Minutes Agenda
November 14 Minutes Agenda
December 12 Minutes Agenda
January 12 Minutes Agenda
February 9 DRAFT Minutes Agenda
March 13 Draft Minutes Agenda
April 13 Draft Minutes Agenda
May 11 Draft Minutes Agenda
May 21 Minutes Agenda
June 8 Minutes Agenda
July 13 Minutes Agenda
August 10 Minutes Agenda
September 14 Draft Minutes Agenda
September 29 Draft Special Meeting Minutes
October 4 Minutes
October 12 Minutes, Agenda
October 31 Special Meeting
November 9 Minutes Draft Agenda
December 14 Minutes Agenda
January 13 Agenda
February 10 Agenda
April 14 Minutes
May 12 Minutes
June 9 Minutes
July 14 Minutes
August 11 Minutes
September 8 Minutes
October 13 Minutes
November 10 Minutes
November 24 Special Meeting Minutes
December 8 Minutes
January 14 Minutes
February 11 Minutes
March 11 Minutes
April 8 Minutes
May 13 Minutes
June 10 Minutes
July 8 Minutes, Agenda
August 12 Minutes
September 9 Minutes
October 14 Minutes
November 18 Minutes
December 9 Minutes
King Neighborhood Association keeps an archive of meeting minutes from 2006 onward on their website at: . NECN keeps a paper archive of these in our offices.