Sullivan’s Gulch


Sullivan’s Gulch Neighborhood Assn. online: Website

Contact: SGNA c/o Holladay Park Plaza, 1300 NE 16th Ave. Portland, OR 97232; sullivansgulch[at]

SGNA bylaws: Revised 2002


Board/Community Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of the month, 7pm at Holladay Park Plaza, 1300 NE 16th Ave.

General Membership Meetings: Held each spring and fall. Date and location announced on the SGNA website.

Land Use Planning Meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month, 6:30pm at Holladay Park Plaza

Elections: Spring and Fall Membership Meetings


We will continue to collect and store minutes sent to us by neighborhoods, however NECN is not currently posting minutes to our website beyond those posted here. To access minutes from this neighborhood association, please contact

SGNA agendas and minutes
January  Minutes Agenda
February Agenda
March Agenda
April Minutes (Amended 7/2/14) Agenda
May Minutes Agenda
June Minutes, Emergency Mtg Minutes, Special Mtg. Minutes Agenda, Emergency Mtg Agenda, Special Meeting Agenda
July Minutes Agenda
January Minutes Agenda
February Minutes Agenda
March Minutes Agenda
April Minutes Agenda
May Agenda
June Minutes Agenda
July Minutes Agenda
September Minutes Agenda
October Minutes Agenda
November Minutes Agenda
December Minutes Agenda
January 10 Minutes
Feburary Strategic planning session,
no minutes
March 13 Minutes
April 11 Minutes
April 19 Minutes
May 8 Minutes
June 12 Minutes Agenda
July 10 Minutes Agenda
August 14 Minutes Agenda
September 11 Minutes Agenda
October 9 Minutes Agenda
November 13 Minutes Agenda
December 11 Minutes Agenda
January 13 Minutes Agenda
February 8 Minutes Agenda
March 8 Minutes
April 12 Minutes not yet available Agenda
May 10 Minutes not yet available Agenda
July 12 Minutes
August 11 Minutes
September 13 Draft Minutes
October 11 Draft Minutes
October 13 Draft Minutes
December 13 Draft Minutes Agenda
January 12 Minutes Agenda
June 9 Minutes
July 13 Minutes
August 10 Minutes
September 14 Minutes
October 12 Minutes not available Agenda
November 9 Minutes Agenda
December 14 Minutes
March 10 Minutes
May 12 Minutes not available Agenda
June 9 Minutes Agenda
July 14 Minutes
August 11 Minutes Agenda
September 8 Minutes
October 20 Land Use Notes Agenda

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