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Contact: Woodlawn Neighborhood Assocation, c/o Luke Groser, 6405 NE 7th Avenue, Portland, OR 97211; woodlawn[at]necoalition.org

WNA Bylaws: Updated 2015


Neighborhood Meetings: 1st Wednesday of the month,7pm at Classic Foods, 817 NE Madrona St.
Land Use, Communications, Child Care Committee Meetings: as needed basis.


We will continue to collect and store minutes sent to us by neighborhoods, however NECN is not currently posting minutes to our website beyond those posted here. To access minutes from this neighborhood association, please contact woodlawn@necoalition.org.

WNA agendas and minutes
2014 Board Meetings General Meetings
January Cancelled Agenda
February Agenda, Minutes Minutes
March Agenda, Minutes No general meeting
April Agenda, Minutes No general meeting
May Agenda No general meeting
June Agenda No general meeting
2013 Board Meetings General Meetings
January Agenda, Minutes Agenda, Minutes
February Agenda, Minutes Agenda, Minutes
March Agenda, Minutes Agenda, Minutes
April Agenda, Minutes Agenda, Minutes
May Agenda, Minutes Agenda
June Agenda Agenda
July Agenda, Minutes Agenda, Minutes
August No Meeting No Meeting
September Agenda, Minutes
Agenda, Minutes
October Agenda Agenda, Draft Minutes
November Agenda, Draft Minutes Draft Minutes
December Agenda, Draft Minutes No Meeting
2012 Board Meetings General Meetings
January Agenda, Minutes Agenda (Emergency Preparedness Training)
February Agenda, Minutes Agenda
March Agenda, Minutes Agenda, Meeting cancelled
April Not Available
May Agenda Agenda
June Agenda Agenda
July Meeting Cancelled Agenda, Minutes
August Agenda, Minutes Agenda
September Agenda, Minutes Agenda
October Meeting Cancelled Agenda
November Agenda, Minutes Agenda, Draft Minutes & Elections
December Agenda, Draft Minutes Agenda, Minutes
January 1/5/11 Minutes Minutes
February 2/2/11 Minutes Minutes
March 3/2/11 Minutes Minutes
April 4/6/11 Minutes Not available
May Not available Draft Minutes
June 06/01/11 Minutes No meeting 06/15/11
July 7/6/11 Minutes No meeting 07/20/11
August 08/03/11 Minutes Minutes
September 09/07/11 Minutes,Agenda Minutes
October 10/5/11 Minutes, Special Meeting
November 11/2/11 Minutes Agenda, Minutes
December 12/7/11 Agenda, Minutes Not yet available
January 1/7/10 Minutes Minutes
February 2/3/2010 Minutes Minutes
November 11/17/10 Minutes
December 12/01/10 Minutes No meeting
January 1/7/09 Minutes Minutes
February 2/4/2009 Minutes Minutes
March 3/4/09 Minutes
April 4/1/09 Minutes Minutes
May Minutes
June 6/3/09 Minutes
July 7/1/09 Minutes
September 9/2/09 Minutes Minutes
November 11/04/09 Minutes

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