Safety and Livability Team (SALT)

SALT is one of four community committees at the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods. We invite neighbors to weigh in on public safety and livability issues, and to assist with the development of public forums on safety and livability topics.

For more information or to be added to the SALT announcement list, please contact Claire Adamsick, 503-388.9030 or


Public meetings are held the fourth Monday of each month at 6:30pm at NECN.

NEXT MEETING: Monday, April 21, 6:30-8:30pm Last Thursday on Alberta Street will begin again in May. Come learn from City and Portland Police Bureau representatives about this year’s plans to support the event. Draft Agenda

2014 SALT agendas and minutes

3/17/14: No regular meeting; members attended City Forum on Liquor Licensing

2/24/14: Draft MinutesAgenda

1/27/14: Minutes, Agenda 

2013 SALT agendas and minutes

11/18/13: Minutes, Agenda

10/21/13: Minutes, Agenda

September: No meeting; hosted public forum

August: No meeting

07/15/13: Minutes, Agenda

06/17/13: Minutes, Agenda

05/20/13: Minutes, Agenda

04/15/13: Minutes, Agenda

03/18/13: Minutes, Agenda

02/25/13: Minutes, Agenda

01/28/13: Minutes, Agenda

2012 SALT agendas and minutes

12/15/12: Minutes, Work party details

11/19/12: Minutes not available,Agenda

10/15/12: Draft Minutes, Agenda

09/17/12: MinutesAgenda

08/20/12: Coal forum minutes, Agenda

July: No meeting

06/18/12: Minutes, Draft Agenda

05/21/12: Minutes, Agenda

April: No meeting

03/19/12: Draft Minutes, Agenda

02/06/12: Minutes, Agenda

01/16/12: Minutes, Agenda

2010-11 SALT agendas and minutes

12/19/11: Minutes, Agenda

11/21/11: Minutes, Agenda

10/17/11: Minutes, Agenda

09/19/11: Minutes, Agenda

06/20/11: Minutes, Agenda

05/16/11: Minutes, Agenda

04/18/11: Minutes, Agenda

03/21/11: Minutes, Agenda

02/21/11: Minutes, Agenda

01/17/11: Minutes, Agenda

12/20/10: Minutes, Agenda

11/15/10: Minutes

  • Hosted representatives from youth and gang outreach programs to learn how to reduce youth and gang violence. From these discussions, we created a
    short list of action items neighbors can take to provide youth with alternatives to violence.
  • Held a transportation safety forum, Sharing the Road, for people who walk, bike and drive. Drew a large audience and lead to increased participation in neighborhood associations.
  • Hosted community discussions, in addition to those hosted by Portland Public Schools, regarding changes to school boundaries.
  • Monitored Last Thursday’s impacts on the four neighborhoods along NE Alberta Street.
  • Weighed in on the Portland Plan on behalf of the coalition area in regards to safety, livability and equity issues.
  • Hosted a public safety roundtable discussion with neighborhood leaders to discuss what health and safety issues were of most interest to N/NE neighborhoods. Click here to view notes from that meeting.
  • Resource: Public indecency in NE Portland: Information from the City of Portland Crime Prevention Program