Community Committees


What are Community Committees?
Community Committees serve as a way for community members to request support on issues, for neighborhoods to identify topics of interest for advocacy, for City bureaus to provide information, and for collaboration and information sharing between neighborhoods. Committees meet on a regular monthly basis (some exceptions may apply). All committee meetings are open to the public, anyone residing in the NECN district boundaries can become a member, and meeting agendas and minutes are available on NECN’s website, or can be requested.

What is their purpose?

  • Create a forum for community members and neighborhood associations to convene, research, and advocate on issues by recommending actions be taken by the NECN board.
  • Establish a rapport with public agencies and community organizations, and build connections across the neighborhood associations.
  • Draw people into the neighborhood system based on issue-specific concerns and keep them involved.
  • Create a civic engagement structure that reflects ONI principles.

NECN currently supports one active community committee:
Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTC)