Commonly Asked Questions


Community Small Grants Program:

Commonly Asked Questions


Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN)

2016- 2017 Neighborhood Small Grants Program

Commonly Asked Questions – FAQ

  1. Question:  Can the grant applications be submitted via e-mail or fax? Answer:  NO – All applications must be submitted via postal service or in person to NECN at 4815 NE 7th Avenue, Portland, OR   97211
  2. Question:  What is the process for evaluating the grants applications? Answer:  All eligible applications will be reviewed and scored by a volunteer grants evaluation committee that is comprised of community residents and NECN Board members.  Committee members will score each application individually, using a NECN score sheet.  After all applications are scored individually, the committee will meet, as a group, and make final determinations for grant awards.
  3. Question:  Can the application request – (program or project) include participants who do not live within the NECN service area? Answer: The program or project must take place within the 12 neighborhoods that comprise the service area (see map/application).  The intent of the grant is to fund projects that would primarily benefit residents of inner North/Northeast Portland.  
  4. Question:  What happens if the program/project budget is less than the established grant award amount? Answer:  The grants evaluation committee will consider requests of any amount less than the established grant award.  It is expected that the application budget will accurately reflect program/project  expenses, as reflected in the narrative portion of the application.
  5. Question:  How do you define “historically under-represented or under-engaged communities? Answer:  We define historically under-represented and under-served community organizations as those primarily led by and/or involving people of color, immigrants and refugees, low-income individuals and families, youth, people with disabilities, and lesbian, gay, bi, transgender people.
  6. Question: Is it possible to apply for more than one grant during the same grant cycle? Answer:  No – NECN will only fund one grant proposal, per grant cycle, from the same applicant.  NECN will not fund proposals that have already received grant funding within the previous two, consecutive years.
  7. Question:  Does the grant cover “general operating” expenses? Answer:  No – Page 4 of the applications includes a listing of exclusions, which include “on-going general organizational support such as rent or utilities.”  If unsure about specific, allowable expenses, contact Fran at 503-388-9188 or
  8. Question:  What is the timeline involved?  When can grantees expect to receive notification and checks? Answer:  See the “Timeline” on page 5 of the application.  It is expected that grant awards will be announced in the first week of April, 2017.
  9.  Question:  What if the grant applicant  is not a 501 c3 and does not have a fiscal sponsor? Answer:  NECN does provide fiscal sponsorship opportunities, as well as, referrals to other organizations providing fiscal sponsorship.  If the applicant is applying for NECN fiscal sponsorship in conjunction with our grant application; the fiscal sponsorship application will be pended, until final awards are determined.  NECN will automatically fiscally sponsor NECN grant awardees for the NECN grant.
  10. Question:  Can an individual apply for the grant? Answer:  No – See “Who Can Apply” on page 3 of application.  NECN will provide assistance with finding community partners, if needed.
  11. Question:  Does the grant proposal need to be submitted in the exact format as the grant application? Answer:  No – The proposal packet must include all of the information listed in the “checklist” on page 6 of the application.  All requested information on the “cover page” must be included.

More Helpful Information 

Download the NECN 2016-2017 Flyer & Timeline 

Here is the Grant Scoring Rubric and Selection Guidelines. Watch our small grants video to learn more about the grants, previous recipients, and tips they have for interested applicants: