Get on an Agenda


Have an issue, project, announcement, presentation, or more to share with NECN, our board, or our committees? Follow the steps below to get on an agenda. Questions? Contact us at info[at] with any questions.

Step 1: Here’s the information you need to provide:

  1. Who you are, or who you are representing.
  2. How do we get a hold of you?
    Provide your name, email, and phone number so the we can reach you in the event that something changes or more information is needed.
  3. What do you want to present or have a discussion about?
    Provide context, how does your topic affect the inner N/NE Portland neighborhood, and why this may be important to the audience?

    What are the meaningful ways the audience can get involved?
    What is being decided and by whom? What input would be most helpful to the decision makers?
    What is the plan to report back on outcomes so the audience knows their involvement was meaningful?
  4. What results are you hoping for?
    Will you want the board or committee to take an action or show support? Or are you just hoping to make an announcement? Make sure you have more information ready if you’re asking for support.
  5. How long will your presentation take?
    Ask for the amount of time you’d like, but be prepared to be flexible. Whether you get that amount or less, make sure that you can fit your presentation in the allotted time.
  6. Is your presentation time-sensitive?
    Do you have deadlines you’re working under? Some examples include deadlines for comment periods, feedback, appeals, etc. Include those in the information you provide.
  7. Do you have any additional information that can be provided ahead of time?
    Put together anything you have that is relevant to your presentation and will help the board or committees make an informed decision. This might include links to online information, PDFs, maps, presentations slides, etc.  
  8. Do you need any technological support?
    Will you need a laptop, projector, or any other technology for your presentation? If so, let us know so we make sure we have what you need.

Step 2: Determine who you need to send the compiled information to.

  • Neighborhood Associations: visit our Neighborhoods page to view meeting times, web address, and contact information for each association.
  • Community Committees: send the information to the committee chair and committees coordinator
  • NECN Board: send the information to the Board President: boardpresident[at]

Step 3: When should you send the information? 

The short answer: as soon as possible.
Longer answer: The suggested courtesy deadline is a month prior to the meeting you wish to speak at. Meeting agendas tend to fill up quickly, so it is especially important to plan accordingly if you are working under a deadline, as well as let us know those deadlines are.
For your reference, check our Calendar page to see when upcoming meetings will be taking place.