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NECN’s Land Use and Transportation Committee discusses and takes action on land use and transportation issues in North and Northeast Portland, the city and region, and the state. Current focus areas include Portland comprehensive plan, mixed-use zones and context-sensitive neighborhood development.


Questions: Planning and Operations Manager Laura Becker at laura[at] 

Presentations: If you are looking to present to our Land Use Transportation Committee, please make sure you follow the instructions to be placed on an agenda.

N/NE District – City Liaison: For city-specific land use, development and Comprehensive Plan inquiries, contact Nan Stark, nan.stark[at] or 503-823-3986. 

Check out our Land Use Agencies resource page.


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NEXT MEETING: April 25, 6:30-8:00 PM, 4815 NE 7th Ave.

Public meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each month 7-9 pm at NECN.

3/28/18: Agenda

2/28/18: Agenda, Minutes

1/24/18:  Agenda, Minutes

11/29/17:  Agenda, Minutes

10/25/17: Agenda (no minutes due to lack of quorum)

9/27/17: Agenda, Minutes

No August Meeting

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2016 LUTC agendas and minutes

11/30/16: Agenda, Minutes

10/26/16: Agenda, Minutes

9/28/16: Agenda, Minutes 

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5/25/16: Agenda, Minutes

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1/27/16: Agenda, Minutes

Past years' LUTC agendas and minutes
2015 LUTC agendas and minutes

12/2/15:  Minutes, Agenda

No November Meeting

10/28/15: MinutesAgenda

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1/28/15: Draft Minutes, Agenda

2014 LUTC agendas and minutes

12/02/14: Minutes, Agenda

November: No meeting due to Thanksgiving

10/22/14: Minutes, Agenda

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2013 LUTC agendas and minutes

12/4/13: Draft MinutesAgenda

November: No meeting

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2012 LUTC agendas and minutes

December: No meeting

11/28/12: Minutes, Agenda

10/24/12: Minutes, Agenda

09/26/12: Minutes, Agenda

08/20/12: Coal exports forum minutes

July: No meeting

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2011 LUTC agendas and minutes

12/07/11: Minutes, Agenda

November: No meeting

10/26/11: Minutes, Agenda

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August: No meeting

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2010 LUTC agendas and minutes

12/01/10: Minutes, Agenda

November: No meeting

10/27/10: Minutes, Agenda

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August: No meeting

07/28/10: Minutes, Agenda

06/23/10: Minutes, Agenda

05/26/10: Minutes, Agenda

04/28/10: Minutes, Agenda

March: No meeting

02/24/10: Minutes, Agenda

01/27/10: Minutes, Agenda



The role of LUTC subcommittees is to research and explore important topics identified by NECN’s Land Use and Transportation Committee.

Transportation Infrastructure Subcommittee agendas and minutes

July: No meeting

6/26/14: Minutes, Agenda

May: No meeting

4/24/14: Minutes, Agenda

3/27/14:Minutes, Agenda

February: Preliminary discussion of Metro’s Regional Transportation Plan Priorities (no minutes available)

1/23/14: MinutesAgenda

12/5/13: MinutesAgenda

11/1/13: Minutes

Parks Subcommittee agendas and minutes

12/19/13: MinutesAgenda

11/12/13: MinutesAgenda



7/27/16: LUTC would like to see an alleyway program under Portland’s Bureau of Transportation that focuses on encouraging context-sensitive designs and responsiveness to neighbors as its top priorities. 

6/6/16: The “Rose Quarter to the Gorge Trail Project“, should be fully undertaken to create a multi-modal trail along I-84, between the river and I-205. This will link the Central City with east county and the Columbia River Gorge.

LUTC Committee Records 2010-2015

Comprehensive Plan Update

Read NECN’s Comprehensive Plan letter which was submitted by the NECN Board of Directors to the Planning and Sustainability Commission in January 2015. The letter was developed by the LUTC, which vetted Comprehensive Plan feedback submitted by NECN neighborhood associations and community members and outlined priority areas.

Comp Plan Comments received as of 11/25/2014:
Memo: Planning and Sustainability Commission Public Comment Summary 11/18/14
Concordia Neighborhood Association “Flats” Overlay Proposal
Micah Meskel Industrial Zoned Lands Testimony 11/4/14
North Portland Land Use Group Health Overlay Proposal V3
Eliot Land Use Committee Comp Plan Comments
Sabin Community Association Testimony 10/13/14
PIAC Letter on Comp Plan 11-5-14
Woodlawn LUTC Comp Plan Feedback

Position Letters 

The LUTC Committee recommended the following positions to NECN’s Board of Directors for approval prior to sending.

Date Description
2/3/2010 The Neighborhoods of the Northeast Coalition are bordered by Interstate 5, which is under discussion for a proposal to replace the existing bridge over the Columbia River. In February 2010, the NECN Board took a stance against the project as it stood at that time. A copy of the letter is available here, PDF format
9/1/2010 Re: Rose Quarter Stakeholder Advisory Committee’s Community Benefits Subcommittee
1/25/2011 The LUTC Committee recommended to the NECN Board of Directors that we oppose the inclusion of the Rose Quarter in any expansion of the Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Area. Click here for a copy of the letter.
2/15/2011 Letter requesting that the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability conduct a process to consider amendments to the Community Design Standards and other codes that relate to solar installations in conservation and historic districts
2/22/2011 Letter supporting a thorough study of high speed rail development in the region. Sent to: Mayor Sam Adams, County Commissioner Loretta Smith, County Chair Jeff Cogen, Metro Councilors Kathryn Harrington, Carl Hosticka, Shirley Craddick, Rex Burkholder, Metro President Tom Huges, Port of Portland ED Bill Wyatt, Senators Rod Monroe, Jeff Merkley, Ron Wyden and Chip Sheilds, Representatives Peter DeFazio, and Earl Blumenauer, Metro Council JPACT Chair Caroltta Collette, City Commissioners Randy Leonard, Dan Saltzman, Nick Fish and Amanda Fritz.
3/7/2011 In conjunction with the Concordia Neighborhood Association, NECN hosted a public forum on the Columbia River Crossing. View minutes and statements submitted from this event. Neighborhood Notes also reported on the CRC Forum, read the article here.
4/1/2011 Letter in opposition to HJM 22, a memorial asking Congress to fund the Columbia River Crossing freeway expansion project.
4/19/2011 Support for Bureau of Development Services’ request for general fund support during the 2011/12 fiscal year
5/9/2011 Letter opposing a proposed mega adult video store planned near Tillamook and MLK Boulevard.
5/17/2011 Letter to federal officials requesting consideration of alternatives in the Columbia River Crossing project
5/17/2011 Letter to Mayor Adams requesting extension of timeline for addressing EPA Water Treatment Regulations
7/7/2011 Letter emphasizing NECN’s proposed priorities for N/NE Quadrant and I-5 Broadway/Weidler planning projects
7/21/2011 Statement regarding potential expansion of Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Area (ICURA) boundaries
8/11/2011 Letter to Metro: Columbia River Crossing Land Use Final Order vote
11/8/2011 Portland Plan Testimony: request for extension of time to testify
12/20/2011 Request for City to reexamine cell antenna locating process
12/21/2011 Portland Plan recommendations
03/06/2012 Letter to North Williams Stakeholder Advisory Committee