Organize a Work Party

A couple of years ago, the King Neighborhood Association started the Blue Door Project focused on neighbors helping neighbors with yard work. Each year, volunteers have identified a few neighbors who need some extra help removing yard debris, planting floors or painting a fence. This has been an inspiring way for people who need a little support like our Elders and Seniors.

If you live down the block from a neighbor who could use a little help, here are some ideas:

1. Introduce yourself when you see them next. (If you don’t see them, send them a note by mail or placing one under their front doormat.)

2. Let them know that you are going to be working on your yard in a couple of weeks and see if they have anything that they would like help with. (We’ve had fun getting a few neighbors to cut back raspberry bushes at the height of berry season! Yum!)

3.Suggest that you are going to take a load to the dump or the Neighborhood Spring Clean-up and offer to take yard debris, recyclables or garbage.

4. Make an arrangements for time to come by.

Not only will you be helping out your neighbor, you will make their day and probably yours too!