What is NECN?


Founded in 1975, Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods is an independent nonprofit organization comprised of 11 neighborhoods in inner North and Northeast Portland, Oregon:

Our Mission

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) increases neighborhood livability through highly inclusive civic engagement and grassroots community building. NECN believes in creating healthy communities by engaging citizens to become directly involved in determining how their neighborhood evolves. Our primary areas of focus are civic engagement, issue advocacy, volunteer leadership development and community project support.

Who We Are

The Coalition is governed by a Board of Directors, which allows 11 representatives from neighborhood associations, 3 representatives from community organizations/businesses, and 3 community leaders who represent under-engaged populations. Our four-person staff provides resources and services to our members, and runs a variety programs that support neighbors’ collaborative efforts to shape the future of our neighborhoods.

What We Do

Visit our What We Do page to learn more about the services and resources NECN provides to the community.

NECN has contributed to the development of many well-known programs and organizations, including:

  • NE Workforce Center
  • Rider Advocates
  • Youth Gangs Program
  • Community Cross-Cultural Outreach Program
  • Operation Outreach
  • Community Youth Hotline

Our History

Edna Robertson and Sharon McCormack founded Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods in 1975. Originally established as part of the Model Cities Initiative, NECN was designed to be a strong component of the Portland Neighborhood System, in order to address community issues and create effective solutions at a grassroots level.

The Neighborhood System

NECN is one of seven neighborhood coalitions in Portland, which are affiliated with the City’s Office of Neighborhood Invovlement (ONI).

The seven district coalitions, 95 Neighborhood Associations, and 40 business associations work with community groups and residents on a variety of issues that affect life in our neighborhoods, including land use and transportation, crime prevention and safety, schools, and housing.