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Catsplaining Portland's Form of Government

How to explain Portland's archaic and dysfunctional representative system? Cats, of course. We created this video to help Portlanders understand how our unique system of government works, or doesn't.  NOTE: this is a Facebook video link and may require an account:

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Portland's Clean Air Warriors

For our summer '18 issue of Hey Neighbor, we interviewed and profiled a handful of the people who are fighting to keep Portland's air clean as we face increasing pollution throughout the Metro area.  Click on the image below to read the full story. 

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Values and Environmental Policy: A Conversation Project

Most of us would agree that natural resources and our surrounding environment have value, but what that value is—and how to protect it—are usually up for debate. Given competing interests and visions of the public good, how do we protect our common resources such as land, water, and air? Join ...

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Crime and Punishment in Oregon: A Conversation Project

From prisons and youth correctional facilities to schools and county jails, we’re surrounded by institutions that punish. But why do we punish? Why is punishment sometimes sanctioned by the state? Critics of the “prison industrial complex” argue that our methods and scale of punishment are informed by profit, while tough-on-crime ...

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Non-Profits Bring Music to the Kids

The bell strikes at 2:30 PM and the hallways of Rosa Parks Elementary fill with kids from all directions. Some are going home, others to play sports, and about two dozen of them, mostly first and second graders, trickle into a room off the main hall that’s lined with cellos, ...

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