We are the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods

NECN represents 12 neighborhoods in Inner North and Northeast Portland, Oregon. As an independent nonprofit organization affiliated with the Portland Community Engagement System, we respond to community needs and support residents’ efforts to shape the future of their neighborhoods.


Albina Green park renovation set to break ground, with behind-the-scenes support from NECN

Humboldt neighborhood’s only official park is getting a makeover this spring, with support from Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN).

Albina Green, the tranquil public space at the corner of N. Albina Ave & N. Sumner St., was a vacant, tax-foreclosed property until a group of neighbors worked with Multnomah County and the City to convert it to a park in 1998-99. Albina Green is now used by as many as 200 people each day; later this month renovations will get under way to make the park even more welcoming and accessible.

200 redheads eat carrots in Albina Green park, in front of a giant carrot sculpture on the roof of Cherry Sprout Produce, July 2012.

200 redheads eat carrots in Albina Green park, in front of a giant carrot sculpture on the roof of Cherry Sprout Produce, July 2012. Image: Portland Farmers Market Blog

Humboldt neighbor and artist Anne Greenwood was instrumental in establishing and designing the park in the late 1990s. She is now spearheading the upcoming improvements on behalf of Humboldt Neighborhood Association, which received a $32,666 grant from the Portland Development Commission to fund the project. A community get-together at the park on Monday, April 14, 4-5 p.m., will give neighbors a chance to learn more about the changes that are in store.

“When the neighborhood originally designed this park in 1998 we needed to enclose, define, and identify the place as a green space,” Greenwood reflected. “Now, sixteen years later, we need something new; we need to open up the park, give it unique features like a raised area for performance, expression, and activity, and invite community members in to do their thing.”

These improvements are made possible by NECN’s behind-the-scenes role as the project’s fiscal sponsor – handling the money and invoices and providing administrative support. (Visit NECN’s website to find out how the Coalition can help your neighborhood association or other group carry out its next project.)

The changes to Albina Green will be subtle, but significant. Fencing will be removed from the north and west sides of the property, and replaced with an L-shaped raised area constructed of masonry and soil with grass on top. This will create an ADA-accessible space for performances, picnics and events, and will provide seating with a front-row view of activity along the street. The unique car-bumper bench currently at the park’s northwest corner will be moved to the east side of the park, and a community bulletin board will be installed adjacent to the bus stop on N. Albina Avenue. Various landscape improvements will be also be made, including the replacement of four diseased street trees. Much of this work will be done by contractors who live in Humboldt and adjacent neighborhoods, including several state-certified Minority, Women and Emerging Small Businesses.

When the work is complete later this summer, a community celebration will be held in conjunction with Cherry Sprout Produce’s annual Art in the Park event (date to be determined). Those with questions about the park, or ideas for events and programming to be held there once the renovations are complete, can contact project organizers at albinagreenpark[at]gmail.com.

A band kicks out the jams at Art in the Park.

Ural Thomas and his band kick out the jams at the annual Art in the Park festival. Image: Larry Yes

3/26: Candidates forum @ NNEBA

NNEBA-North/Northeast Business Association presents…

Red Bean & Rice Business Mixer
Meet some of the candidates running for city and county positions

Wednesday March 26, 5pm-7:30pm
NNEBA Headquarters, 311 North Ivy, Portland, OR 97227

Space is limited. Please RSVP to NNEBA Outreach Coordinator Fawn Aberson: fawnaberson@gmail.com, 503-841-5032. More info HERE.

Event includes: Food and Beverage, Networking, Q & A with the Candidates. Get to the SOUL of the issues that affect OUR District. Be proactive in deciding who will get your vote. Moderated by Sharon Gary-Smith McKenzie River Gathering Executive Director

Confirmed Candidates Attending:

Running for City Commissioner Position #2
Nick Fish
Sharon Maxwell
Michael Durrow

Running for City Commissioner Position #3
Dan Saltzman

Running for Metro Council President
Tom Hughes
Jeremiah Johnson

Running for Multnomah County Chair
Jim Francesconi
Steven Cody Reynolds

Running for Multnomah County District #2
Loretta Smith
Teressa Raiford

The event is Free to NNEBA members and a suggested $7 donation to non-members

Portland Food Project Seeks Donors

By Katie Ugolini, Concordia Neighborhood Association; photo by James M. Valluzzi

The Portland Food Project needs additional volunteers in Inner North/Northeast Portland! If you are concerned about the issue of food security and how it affects many of our Portland neighbors, and you wish to translate this concern into compassionate involvement, here is your opportunity!


  1. Call 503-775-2110 or visit Portland Food Project online to get your Green Bag
  2. Add 1 or 2 extra non-perishable food items to your cart each time you go shopping.
  3. Store the extra items in the green Food Project bag you will receive.
  4. Every 8 weeks, a volunteer Neighborhood Coordinator picks up your Green Bag and takes it to a local pantry. When your bag is picked up, you get a replacement bag with the next pick-up date!

It’s that simple! It is not a Food Drive, but a DONOR DRIVE with neighbors feeling a sense of pride as well as a sense of community!

Want to help out even more? If you have an extra 2 hours every 2 months, you could be a Neighborhood Coordinator! Tasks include signing up neighbors, friends, church members and/or work colleagues, giving them a Green Bag, picking up bags of food from their porches, and taking the food to local pantries! Voila! One Green Bag at a time, the local pantry shelves are again restocked!

In December alone, our 500-plus volunteers helped provide almost 9,000 lbs to our 8 pantry partners. So whether you choose to be a Food Donor, a Neighborhood Coordinator, or a driver on pick-up days, we need your help!

Our next pick-up is Saturday, April 12, so get your Green Bag online, or call 503-775-2110. You can brighten mealtime for so many of our neighbors, including children and seniors who are struggling.